Technical Bulletins

TBSA Title

Product(s) Applicable


DES2015-TBSA-02 DES Control Systems – Safety Critical Components All VLI JUG-A-0, Driftrunner & Brumby Machines and Diesel Engine Systems (DES) MDA DES 13017-2, MDR090376DES, MDR090376DES-10, MDR124827DES, MDR074246DES, MDR074246DES-1, MDR074246DES-2 and MDR114991DES 01/05/2015
GEN2015-TBSA-01 Water Makeup Tank Filler Neck – Product Improvement ALL VLI Driftrunner Vehicles 01/05/2015
39112-GEN2015-TBSA-03 JUG-A-0 Rear Differential Mounting Bolt Part Number VLI JUG-A-0 UL/UV Machines with Dana 16D Axles 30/04/2015