VLI-Con Modular Conveyors


VLI Conveyors has been manufacturing and supplying modular conveyors systems for more than 20 years in the form of our VLI-Con range.

VLI-Con modular belt conveyor systems are designed for a multitude of applications, and is a cost effective option for conveying products such as sand, glass, gravel, ore, sinter, coal, sewage material, cement, building materials, boxes, bales, bags, and much more.

These conveyors can be adapted to be portable units with light and heavy duty running gear. Our modular conveyors range from 350mm wide to 600mm wide, and have the capability of moving product on inclines of up to 25 degrees.

The modular design allows conveyors to be easily changed in length, ranging from 4 to 50 metres.

VLI-Con Design Options

  • Internal electric motors
  • External hydraulic drives
  • External pneumatic drives
  • Standard or heavy duty idlers
  • Anti-roll back devices
  • Variable speed
  • Galvanised
  • Pull switch lanyards
  • Belt cleaning systems
  • Weigh idler sets
  • Zero speeds
  • Specialised guarding

Sales, Service and Spare Parts

VLI Conveyors has branches all around Australia, and our sales and service staff are dedicated to ensuring that your VLI-Con modular conveyor is exactly what you need, and on the job when you need it. We have a vast range of spare parts available, and our service technicians are ready to help.

Please contact us for more information to meet your specific needs.