VLI is the world’s largest supplier of underground in-seam directional drilling services. We provide a range of specialist in-seam drilling services such as seam definition, fault delineation, barrier proving, gas and water drainage, coring, and cross block drilling to the underground coal mining industry in Australia, China, the United States and Europe.

With respect to exploration, in-seam directional drilling requires specialist skills with emphasis on providing quality information. Our experienced team of drillers can establish seam profiles, investigate igneous intrusions, determine the throw of a fault, identify roof and floor conditions and prove clear ground with a high degree of certainty.

Drainage drilling for water and gas is another service that VLI offers. Critical to the safe progress of panel development and Longwall operations, drainage drilling can provide a secure path ahead of development. Given adequate forward-planning and post-drilling drainage, directional drilling helps mitigate outburst and inrush conditions through the controlled drainage of water and gas prior to an area being mined.

Supporting operations, our technical services department can provide hole-designs in accordance with mine requirements, interpret drilling information and supply drilling data direct from hole to mine plan.

For shorter horizontal holes, as well as vertical (roof and floor) coring, VLI operates a small fleet of air-operated rotary drill systems. Simple set-up and operability are key aspects of these track-mounted machines, often utilised to carry out small jobs requiring a prompt result.

Employing the latest in drill guidance technologies VLI is the industry leader in the supply of in-seam drilling services to underground coal mines, globally. Through performance, dependability and communication we foster a ‘partner’ relationship with each of our clients.