Drilling Equipment

VLI designs, manufactures and supplies a range of specialised in-seam directional drilling systems to both the international and domestic markets with large focus on the mining industries in the USA, China, India and Europe.

Directional drill system supply into the overseas markets is being driven by the increasing adoption of mechanised best practice coal mining techniques and new underground coal mining projects. We have been actively developing relationships and educating the overseas coal industries in the use of in-seam directional drilling for gas drainage.

VLI has the largest and most advanced directional drilling capability in Australia including:

  • 14 underground directional drill machines with a maximum capacity of over 1500 metres.
  • 14 Down-hole survey tools to ensure holes are drilled accurately (to within 0.5°)
  • Job specific drill rods, bits, downhole motors and drilling accessories
  • The ability to successfully degas and dewater coal seams or abandoned workings, and to explore and interpret coal seam geological anomalies
  • Highly skilled and competent personnel with the collective knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex drilling problem
  • Safety management systems, training manuals and programmes. Safety statistics that are consistently better than industry average
  • Scheduled and programmed preventative maintenance for operational machinery
  • First class maintenance workshops, located in New South Wales and Queensland, employing highly skilled tradesmen equipped to cope with minor or major repairs and fabrication
  • The most thorough geological interpretation and borehole reporting standards in the business
  • Access to professional staff with expertise in gas emission control, geology and drilling engineering
  • Competitive rates and an itemised invoicing system

We stock a wide range of mechanical spares and consumables. VLI has access to extensive resources, knowledge and experience from within the industry, ensuring you receive the best service possible. We will Engineer and Develop a bespoke system to suit your needs ensuring all compliance and approvals are covered.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Manufacturing, Engineering and After Sales Service teams consists of a strong and experienced group capable of:

  • Fault diagnostics and repair of mechanical systems
  • Supply of all spare parts, components, drilling consumables and Ancillary Drilling Equipment to suit your needs.
  • Design and Manufacture of Customised Drill Systems and Drill Rigs to suit your particular need.
  • Overhaul and repair to your equipment.
  • Condition Monitoring of component wear analysis