VLI is proud to have joined forces with Canadian company Industrial Fabrications Inc., in presenting their range of the hard-rock underground mining vehicles.

The MINECAT® UT150 delivers reduced downtime, repairs maintenance costs and increased longevity. This vehicle features a state of the art, all electric drivetrain providing Zero Emissions. MINECAT® is the present and future of mining vehicles.

The MINECAT® UT99 has the same chassis & options as the UT150; however it is powered by a Diesel engine system. There have been more that 150 of these vehicles manufactured & operating in metalliferous mines throughout the world.

The MINECAT® MC100 Mine Utility Vehicle is available in multiple configurations from Personnel Carrier, Backhoe, crane, Ariel Boom and others. IFI have manufactured more than 450 of these vehicles.

The MINECAT® CF240 – 21 person transport vehicle is the latest vehicle released by IFI. The vehicle is powered by a Tier III Diesel Engine and features both 2 and 4 wheel steering capabilities.