The Jug-A-0 is an explosion protected (AS3584.2), diesel powered four wheel drive Utility Vehicle, powered by an 8 litre super-charged Hino engine with a load sense hydraulic system with lifting capacities of either 10,000 kg or 12,000 kg.

As Utility Vehicles go, the Jug-A-0 is efficiency in motion. Production maximiser, user friendly and importantly maintenance friendly are words often used to describe a JUG-A-0. It is the right Utility Vehicle for your needs. The diesel engine incorporates 122kW of power, with 625 Nm of torque. It is also the cleanest and quietest (operating at <85 decibels) diesel engine system on the market, possessing superior operating visibility and incorporating an adjustable hydraulic canopy.

General – JUG-A-0 Z Series

Manufacturer VLI Diesel Pty Ltd
Model Z1210 & Z1060
Tare mass of wet complete machine (kg) 20,000kg
Economic life of Equipment (hours) 24,000HRS

Performance Details

Maximum seating capacity (including driver) 1
Ground pressure (kPa) – engine end (loaded at seated capacity) 1300kPa
Ground pressure (kPa) – rear end (loaded at seating capacity) 640kPa
Maximum tractive effort (kg) – coal ground (wet / dry) 17500kg
Maximum tractive effort (kg) – concrete (wet / dry) 19500kg
Machine speed (km/h) – top gear, no load 25kmph
Machine speed (km/h) – low gear carrying rated capacity up 1 in 10 grade 5kmph
Maximum Payload (kg) 12,000kg (at MIS Plate)

Equipment Dimensions

Machine length (mm) 9350mm
Machine width (mm) 2400mm
Machine height (mm) 1700-2200mm
Machine wheel base (mm) 2885mm
Machine track width (mm) – outside of wheels 2240mm
Machine turning circle (mm) 6950mm (with bucket)
Machine nominal ground clearance (mm) 370mm

Engine Details

Type Explosion Protected Diesel Engine System
Make and model VLI Supercharged Hino JO8C
Displacement (litre) 7.96 Litre
Maximum power (kW @ rpm) 122kW
Maximum torque (Nm @ rpm) 625Nm
Low idle speed (rpm) 1000rpm
High idle speed (rpm) 2400rpm
Maximum power speed (rpm) 2100rpm
Fuel tank working capacity (litres) 175 Litres
Fuel consumption at maximum power (litres / hour) 33 Litres/hour
Exhaust system type Explosion Protected Wet
Exhaust scrubber water tank capacity (litres) 195 Litres
Scrubber water consumption at maximum power (litres / hour) 158 Litres/Hour

Drive Train System Details

Transmission type Powershift
Make and model Dana R32421
Gear ratios 4.64 : 2.23 : 1.29 : 0.75
Torque converter type Single Element
Make and model Dana C273.1
Axle make and model – front Kessler
Axle make and model – rear Kessler
Wheels make and model VLI
Wheel type and size 17.5″x25″
Wheel mass (kg) Solid Filled

Hydraulic System

Pump type Variable Displacement Load Sensing
Pump capacity (l/min @ rpm) 280 l/min @ 2200 rpm
System operating pressure (kPa) 19,995 kPa max


Service Brake
Type Multiplate Wet
Make and model Kessler
Application Pressure Applied
Brake unit location Wheel Hub
Park Brake
Type Multiplate Wet
Make and model Kessler
Application SAHR
Brake unit location Wheel Hub

Noise Levels

Noise levels operating underground for standard machine (dBA): 85 dBa (AS1269 & AS2706)

Electrical System

Voltage (V) 12 Volt
Alternator make and model ATF/MAE/MR
Alternator rating Explosion Protected
Lighting system ATF/MAE/Setco
Gas monitoring system VLI/NTMS