Casting and Forging


Our parent company, TYHI, produces various kinds of steel castings with the single piece gross weight up to 565T with an annual output greater than 55000T.
The steel grades available include:
  • carbon steel
  • low alloy steel
  • high manganese steel
  • stainless steel and
  • heat resistant steel

An alkali phenol resin sand casting system is used for molding.


TYHI produces various forgings with the capabilities to handle blank masses up to 240T.  Forgings include:
  • generator rotors less than 1000MW
  • steam turbine rotors and matched retaining ring and impeller
  • wind turbine shafts for turbines less than 6MW
  • compressor and gas turbine shafts
  • forgings used for nuclear power station
  • marine forgings
  • heavy-duty back-up roller
  • open die forgings used for heavy-duty machinery such as cylinder, toothed parts and lifting hooks

Information on these products can be found on our parent company web page here.

Please contact us for more information to meet your specific needs.