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System Certification

At VLI, we pride ourselves on being market leaders in the provision of products and services that deliver value for money to our customers, with a continual emphasis on safety and quality. Our position on health and safety matters is uncompromising and as a business we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare […]

VLI celebrates 22nd birthday

While our entire history dates back more than 30 years, we have now been operating as Valley Longwall (or VLI) for 22 years! At 4.30pm on October 16, 1996, contracts were signed over at the offices of Curtis, Grant, Irving (Solicitors) in Muswellbrook, NSW. At the time of this signing, we were operating at a […]

R U OK? Day and Mates in Mining

This year, National R U OK Day will be held on Thursday 13th September. With that date fast approaching, we wanted to do our part in raising awareness for the cause. The stigma once surrounding suicide made this tragedy a hard one to combat, because to address a problem, you’ve got to first acknowledge that […]

VLI Community Service at ‘Our Community Pantry’ in Bargo

Recently, VLI have had the privilege of getting involved with ‘Our Community Pantry’ in Bargo. This community service project was a real honour to be part of, and something that was truly eye-opening for those that were able to participate. If you’re not aware of who the “Our Community Pantry” people are and what they […]

How to combat fatigue in the mining industry

In any industry requiring long hours or shift work, fatigue is a common adversary. Consequently, it is a major risk within the mining sector, contributing to a large number of incidents. Managing fatigue within mining is a WHS responsibility for all employers. What is fatigue? Fatigue is “extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion […]