VLI Standards Certification Blog

System Certification

At VLI, we pride ourselves on being market leaders in the provision of products and services that deliver value for money to our customers, with a continual emphasis on safety and quality. Our position on health and safety matters is uncompromising and as a business we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of every person that may be affected by our activities. To ensure we maintain our position our business systems have been certified against AS4801:2001 and ISO18001:2007 standards.

From a quality perspective VLI operates an ISO9001:2015 certified quality management system (QMS). Achieving certification validates the effectiveness of VLI’s approach to managing quality allowing our customers to have high levels of confidence in VLI provided products and services.

Often the true costs of safety or quality are overlooked and only become apparent when something goes wrong. Effectively managing risk is a key consideration in today’s competitive and highly regulated market and dealing with a certified organisation allows our customers to minimise their risk profile by working with an organisation that is operating to the highest standards with risk management as a core value.

When you are making decisions in regards to mining products and services, the question you really need to ask yourself is, can you afford to NOT be dealing with a certified business?