Polyurethane Diagonal Ploughs

VLI’s diagonal ploughs (aka side ploughs) are an economical innovative approach keeping debris away from conveyor pulleys. Our diagonal ploughs are uni-directional, self-adjusting and maintenance free, riding on the belt under its own weight, pushing the debris off to either the left or right of the conveyor.

Installation of the plough is straight forward requiring only basic tools to anchor the restraining chains in place. Our ploughs are suitable for all conveyor applications including surface operations and underground coalmines with the benefit of being able to run on clipped and spliced conveyor belts.

Manufactured from FRAS Polyurethane, these ploughs are long lasting and have been installed on belts up to 4.5m/s. Our ploughs are suitable for belt widths from 900mm up to 2000mm and can be supplied to either push the debris off to the left or right of the conveyor.

Sizes Available

Belt Width 900 1200 1500 1600 1800 2000
Plough Width 1210 1340 1690 1830 1990 2450
Overall Height 220
Angle 28°
Handed Left and Right  handed models available

Installation & Maintenance Manual

Download the VLI Diagonal Plough Installation & Maintenance Manual



Please contact us for more information to meet your specific needs.