VLI boasts a team of highly motivated personnel who are extremely experienced in the specialised fields of diesel, drilling and conveyor products and services.

We are able to draw upon our abundant in-house expertise in engineering, drafting, project management, sales and marketing, manufacturing, servicing, maintenance, finance and administration in order to develop the most innovative and effective solutions specific to our customers requirements.

The depth of our in-house capability provides our customers with single-source accountability on each project. The close working relationship between our tradespeople, designers and field service professionals leads to stream-lined deliveries and communication on every job.

The result – products and services that are delivered on time, on budget and exceed our clients’ highest expectations.


VLI has a strong commitment to equality in the workforce and we believe in treating our people with respect. We provide equal employment and advancement opportunities for all.

We are committed to treating all employees fairly, without regard to any characteristics that have no bearing on job performance. We work with all of our people to plan career paths that will enable them to reach their full potential and achieve maximum job satisfaction.

We also value the unique contributions that each employee brings to our business and we consider the diversity of people and cultures that exist within the Company as a strong competitive advantage. Our broad-minded approach is a large part of the reason why we attract so many talented and passionate people from around the world to come and work for us.